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My approach to art is one of organized chaos, passing through different phases somewhere between unsettled experimentation and strong-willed focus. Through this process I adopt and mix multiple mediums. This process is reflected in my studio. Strewn across the floor, tables, and shelves are random objects both large and small. The bow of an eight-man rowing shell leans on the window; an old door looms over the aquarium on the desk, drums and scraps lay piled in a chair. Among these objects are paints, dyes, film, glue, plaster, and more. This chaos also envelops my digital space as my computer is filled with photographs, photoshop files, films, and soundbytes I‘ve composed. Together they exemplify the spirit of my creation process. Similarly to my external process my internal thematic process pulls from many different places. I explore thoughts of flow, in time and water, as well as environmentalism, mythology, and the self. These themes reflect across recent works of mine such as Adaptation a sculptural installation piece that explored the myth of the golem as it related to overfishing and pollution, in addition to the corruption of the human spirit. I enjoy establishing a mythos from scraps of the old and imbue them with modern or futuristic ideas.  However, I also like just playing with the medium and seeing where my subconscious takes it. The sensations I communicate through my work often unsettle and disturb, while also establishing a sense of wholeness and calm.